Circus Skills

Yesterday Year 2 were delighted to be able to take part in the circus skills day alongside Year 1.  Each class had the opportunity to spend time with Eric, who demonstrated many of the popular skills used in circus entertainment.  Following a display, the children were able to attempt to master some of the skills themselves.  They were guided through, step by step, how to use basic balancing or catching with feathers and scarves, then developing more complicated skills using the same equipment.  Plate spinning skills progressed to switching plates between pairs of children without dropping them or losing the spin!

Free time was also included to provide a chance to experience other skills such as rolling and throwing the flower sticks, balancing and moving on the little bike or foot steppers, treading carefully on the stilts, tricks with the diablo and juggling with a selection of items.

The children were in awe of the skills shown and had a fantastic time trying as many of the opportunities as possible for themselves.  They listened well and persevered, showing delight when they achieved a trick.  A super day followed by writing thank you letters to show their appreciation.


Year 2 team