Phonics – ‘ai’, ‘ay’ and ‘a_e’.

This week we have been focusing on lots of different sounds that can sound the same.  Today it was ‘ai’, ‘ay’ and ‘a_e’.

Before letting 2J discuss the sounds, they had 30 seconds to write down as many sounds and words as they could think of.

We then stood up, paired up and shared our sounds and words.

We went through  some rules and ways to remember which sounds works in a word, such as:

  • a_e – adding ‘e’ on the end will gave a long vowel sound like ‘snake
  • ai – is most common and is found usually in the middle of words like ‘paid‘ ‘snail‘ and ‘mail‘.
  • ay – is usually found at the end of a word ‘hay’, Sunday’ and ‘relay’.

After that, we did a quick activity using a word wheel on how many words they could make using the ‘ai’ sound and the surrounding letters.