Inventors – Johann Zahn (2 out of 2)



Good afternoon!

This term we have been learning about different inventors such as Alexander Graham Bell, John Barnes Linnet and Johann Zahn.

Attached are the videos that the class put together telling us all about Johann Zahn and how he came to be the inventor of the camera obscura.

They devised the production of the videos themselves and found out all of the facts by themselves too using the computers.

The groups also reviewed themselves on their videos giving themselves a WWW, EBI and something that their group did differently. Well done!


Group 1 (Lydia, Lola, Ashlie, Quinn, Vir, Annabelle, Luke).

What went well (WWW): We all spoke loud and clear.

Even better if (EBI): We all knew our lines better.

What made our group different: We got into 2 short lines and we stepped forward when it was our line and spoke loudly.


Group 2: (Florence, Chloe, Mason, Anna, Lucas, Rhiannon, Rosie, Hudson).

What went well (WWW): We all knew our lines and people found us very funny.

Even better if (EBI): People under the table should have moved back or moved to the side so they wouldn’t have been in the way.

What made our group different: We worked together in pairs.