Little inventors – The telephone


Good morning everyone!


We have been super busy lately with out SATs testing but they’re finally coming to an end… HOORAY! The children have been so resilient and have truly worked their little socks off!

On to this week! On Thursday and Friday, we will be looking at Alexander Graham Bell who was the inventor of the telephone.

Thursday will be learning some of the history behind the telephone and Alexander Graham Bell himself and Friday we will be linking artwork to telephones in the style of Andy Warhol’s Pop Art.

If anyone has any unusual, old or rather spectacular telephones that they would gladly send in with their children to share with us or would even like to come and show us yourselves (giving us a brief history on the phone and how you came to have it) that would be amazing!

Any questions please ask the year 2 team.

Many thanks,

Year 2.