Monday the 4th of November


A Doctor visits Year 2

Mrs Osborne visited Year 2 recently to explain to us all about her job as a doctor. She pointed to several countries on a map of the world to show…



Our art today was all about shading. We have been practising using pencil to create darker and lighter areas by pushing harder or lighter and adding more or less lines….

Monday the 21st of October


I-Sing Pop

Wow, what an incredible week we have had!  On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Nichola from I-Sing Pop taught us several beautiful songs and on Thursday we recorded them. On Friday…


An Insurer visits Year 2

On Friday Mrs Gallagher visited Year 2 and told us all about her job in Insurance. She showed us a video she had made of her journey to work on…


Explanation texts

Today we wrote an explanation text. We have been practising the skills over the week, but today tried to put them all together. We used today’s visitors experiences to write…


Year 2 visitors

Today we had another visitor. Mrs Bacon came to share with us about her job, teaching children with a visual impairment. She taught us about her day and showed us…


Making Predictions and Testing them

In Science, Year 2 have been learning about the properties of different materials. Today we made and tested our predictions about whether we think materials are attracted to a magnet…


Playing Hockey

In Hockey we have been putting our passing and shooting skills to the test by playing in small sided games. We are learning to co-operate as a team.

Monday the 14th of October


2S – Spellings

This week we have focused on the long /ee/ sound. The patterns we have found trickiest are words ending in the /ee/ sound. For example silley not silly, hony not honey….


PSHE – Our health

Today we were looking at the different types of microbes: virus, fungi and bacteria. We found out that each microbe is a different shape and some microbes are good, where…

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