2S Spellings

The spelling patterns we are following at the moment are:

  • ee – for the middle of words
  • y – for the end of words (silly, hilly, happy, crunchy)


We paid particular attention to word with double consonants like silly, and choppy, where we practised looking for short and long vowel sounds. The short vowel sounds all have a double letter (silly, hilly, happy) but long sounds or consonant sounds do not (crunchy).


This week we are focusing on /igh/. We know that words that have a t sound at the end are often spelt with igh and that if we are not sure then i_e is a good guess as it is most common (smile, kite). As an ending pattern we looked at (fly, cry, dry).

Lastly we have been thinking about words that show something that has happened. We added ed to words to show this jump â†’ jumped. When we did this to try, cry and dry, we learnt that we needed to ‘drop the y and add an i’.

cry â†’ cried

dry â†’ dried