2S Phonics

This week we habeen working in groups to focus on the following spelling patterns:

  • Choosing between ea/ee for common homophones (meet/meat, see/sea, etc)
  • Looking at short vowel sounds -a, e, i, o, u- to help us work out if a word needs a ck or k at the end (stick, pack, plank, think)
  • Learning to use the endings le, al, el

We used different activities to help.

Bingo using the different graphemes. Someone says a word and we can cross of the grapheme if we think it is in the word.

Dice game where the piece moves up the board. When you land on a square you say a word with that pattern in. If you choose a word that doesn’t include the pattern you have to move back 2 squares.
Silly mnemonics to help practise words with the al ending.