2S – Spellings


Last week our focus was verbs. We practised changing verbs from present tense (I am singing, They are jumping) to past tense. We had to learn several rules to help us do this correctly:

Drop ing and add ed

Most verbs can just have ed added to the end to be correct.

But, when the verb has a vowel before the last letter we have to double the final consonant.

hop     ->     hopped

skip     ->     skipped


And, if it ends in a y then ‘we drop the y and add an i’.

cry     ->     cried

carry     ->     carried


Irregular verbs

We found irregular verbs, ones that don’t follow the above patterns, hardest to remember. Especially if we used the wrong verbs when we spoke. Here are some that have been catching us out.

swim     ->     swam

run     ->     ran

fly     ->     flew

speak     ->     spoke