Learning Tasks – 23rd March

Morning Year 2. I hope you had a good weekend. Below are your learning tasks for today.


Each morning there will be a maths puzzle like this one alongside some myMaths homework.

Imagine you are playing snakes and ladders. Your counter is on number 9. You roll a normal 6 sided dice. After two moves you land on number 16. Come up with a list of rolls you could have had.



Each morning there will be a general task. This will be an activity that will help improve your reasoning skills, let you explore your interests or apply a maths or writing skill in a practical way.

Today, play a board game with a family member (if you can, choose one that uses dice). Who won? Did that person play in a certain way that made them win? Try playing again in a different way to see if you can find the best strategy.

Come up with your own rules for the game using the board and counters. Do you start in a different place? Are you trying to get the lowest number and not the biggest?

Questions to explore

What would happen if…

You changed the numbers on the dice?

You used a dice with more than 6 numbers on it?



Some of these writing tasks will take more than one day, each day we will give you a skill or activity to work on. Today’s activity is to write a poem about an animal that lives in a habitat we haven’t studied in class, for example under the sea. This could be acrostic, rhyming or shape.

Try to include onomatopoeia or sounds,

To extend yourself you could include similes and alliteration,

Finally, you could try using rhyming words.


I will be looking into ways for you send me your work and share them with each other, and I will update you about this soon.