Learning Tasks – 24th March

Morning Year 2. Below are your learning tasks for today.


Today’s puzzle is as follows:

This is similar to a famous game called the ‘Towers of Hanoi’. If you finish this puzzle you could try looking up the instructions for it by searching ‘towers of hanoi online’. Building your own version from different shapes is a good way to practise and try out different ideas.



It looks like the weather will be good again today. If you are able, create a piece of nature art in your garden. This should use natural materials to create a structure or image. Take or draw a picture to show everyone what you made. Check on it over the week. Has it stayed the same or changed? If you aren’t able to go outside in your garden you could cut out natural images from magazines to create a collage.


This activity should take you more than one day. Write a fact file about a jungle animals. When you plan your fact file make sure to leave space for pictures, labels and captions to go with all your interesting facts. Today’s skill is to include questions in your writing. These could be questions that you answer Why do panthers have whiskers? The panther has long whiskers to help it feel its surroundings. There are very sensitive and are more like human fingers that hair! Or you could make your questions so they don’t need an answer (rhetorical) Did you know panthers use their whiskers to feel their surroundings? Whenever you write your question make sure you:

  • Include a question mark
  • Include a question word to start your sentence