Learning Tasks – 25th March

Morning Year 2. Below are your learning tasks for today.


Today’s puzzle is as follows:

When you are solving this problem, try to use a clear method, for example taking one egg from one nest and putting it into another – not just trying random numbers – this will help you find all the solutions quicker.

This is a very simple puzzle to adapt. You could change the number of eggs or nest or add in new rules (like in the Gatekeeper game the children know) for example one nest might have a multiple of 5 in it.



We are supposed to spend around 60 minutes of our days doing physical activities. Challenge yourself to get better at a skill or activity outside. This could be bouncing a ball on a racket or bat. Passing or dribbling through cones quickly (think about what you have done with Mr Barnes). Shooting or scoring from further and further away.


Day 2 of your fact files about a jungle animals. Yesterday you should have chosen your animal and used question marks. Today I would like you you to use conjunctions (joining words like and, but, so) when you write your facts. If you have already written your facts go back and check that you have included joining words.

We use these joining words to create compound sentences. These make our writing more interesting and easier to read. When you use them make sure you are checking for the following:

  • Do both sides of your joining word make sense on their own
  • Have you still got a full stop and a capital letter
  • Have you used the correct conjunction (and – links similar ideas, but – is for opposites, so – shows a result of something)
  • Don’t use a full stop before the conjunction

To extend this skill further there are trickier conjunctions to use. Search ‘conjunctions ks1’ for some alternatives. Make sure you understand what the conjunction means before you try using it. Where we get stuck in class is when we chose the wrong one for our sentences.