Learning Tasks – 27th March

Morning Year 2. Below are your learning tasks for today.


Money today:

Working with money is a great way to improve your maths skills. You could set up your own shop for the day. Remember touching the coins the number of their value is a great way of counting them.

Can you come up with your own version of this problem for a family member. Make sure you have worked out a solution yourself before you give to them though!



Before we left our runner beans had just started to do well. Over the weekend see if you can start to grow your own vegetables. If you don’t have any seeds you can try growing from any dry seeds you have (to find out if your dry seeds will work place a few onto a damp paper towel in front of a window, if they start to sprout in a day or two then you will be able to plant them). Start off your plant inside in a smaller pot that can be placed in a warm sunny place. Only give it a little water every few days.

Keep a seed diary of what happens to it each couple of days. You could draw a picture and measure it to add extra detail.


I’m looking forward to seeing your fact files. Today’s task is a little shorter. I would like you to write a letter or a card to send to someone you know, to cheer them up. Don’t forget to include:

  • Your address
  • Why you are writing
  • Some of the things you have been doing this week
  • What you are hoping for or some questions for the person you are writing to