Easter Assembly

Good Morning Everyone.

I hope that you are all staying at home to protect our NHS and save lives.

Sunday was Easter Sunday. I know that you would normally spend time with your wider family, but this year were unable to do so because of the lock-down. I am sure that you still enjoyed chocolate in your Easter eggs. The egg is a symbol of new life – rebirth – hope.

This year, more than any year, we remember that Jesus died on the cross on Good Friday and on Easter Sunday he rose again. He did this to give us all hope for the future.

I lit a candle for you all on our school altar.
This is to remind you that God is always with you.
He is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Where there is light there is hope.
If you have ever been in a tunnel; I can think of a time that I was in a long tunnel on a narrow boat holiday on a canal; it is dark all around you, but you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
You move towards the light and eventually you are back in the warmth of the world. We are in a tunnel at the moment, but the light is there and we are moving towards it. Soon we will emerge and be back together again. Where there is light there is hope.
This morning, as I opened up the school for the children of key workers, I saw the blossom on the tree in our Prayer Garden.
It filled me with joy and hope. I wanted to share this with you.
It was so beautiful and reminded me that we will be normal again soon and bloom.
For some reason this beautiful picture wont blog the right way round!

Dear Lord, may I realize afresh today what Your death and resurrection mean for me. Forgiveness, freedom, and the ability to walk with You through this fallen world into eternity. May I always find my satisfaction in You and Your willingness to offer Yourself to me. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

God made you and God made me,

He made the world for us to see.

God loves you and long ago,

He sent his Son to tell us so.

Jesus showed us many things,

To love and share and dance and sing.

To learn and pray, to help and care,

He promised he’d always be there.

He died but then came back to life,

Let’s celebrate for he’s alive!


I look forward to seeing you all soon, Mr Walsh