Learning Tasks – 23rd April

Good morning Year 2.


I have blogged about today’s task before. It is a variation of the classic game Nim. We have played this game in school, we sometimes use it as our early morning task, so the children should know how to play. Full instructions can be found here for those who have forgotten.

There are several adaptations to the game that will support our addition focus this week.

  • Choose a lower target number (odd often works best) if 21 is too high
  • Change the numbers used into tens. So the target is 210 and you can count on 10, 20, 30 or 40.
  • Choosing a larger target number i.e. 51 and starting from a number no more than 20 away i.e. 41


Hopefully, you will have recieved the email regarding Espresso and how to access it. It has lots of great resources about dinosaurs including their sizes.

Today’s general task is to measure out the height of some different dinosaurs. Here are some to try:

  • Triceratops – 304cm or 10ft
  • Velociraptor – 45cm or 1 and a half ft
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex – 550cm or 18ft (If you have space!)

I have included the measurement ft or feet. You can use this if you don’t have anything to measure cm in. If you pace it out with your feet, two of you feet is about one foot.

Can you find any other dinosaur dimensions? Did the size of any of them surprise you? How do they compare to the size of you or your pets?


You might need to find some pictures to help you with today’s task, or wait till it gets dark later to help you with your ideas.

In the story Dinosaurs and all that rubbish, the man looks up at the stars and wonders. We have had some beautiful clear nights recently so it has been easy to see stars, satellites and even meteors.

Today I would like you to write about what it makes you think when you see the stars. I am going to leave what sort of writing up to you (this could be a poem, a short paragraph or even a letters to the stars). But when you do your writing try to include as much description as possible. This could be describing what you can see or of your emotions. To challenge yourself I would like you to imagine that the stars are people and to describe them doing things that people do (we call this personification). For example:

Dear Stars,

I love to look up at your bright shiny faces in the night time. It is peaceful and calm when I see you and this makes me feel peaceful and calm too. Your twinkling eyes glitter and shine down on my garden. I see you racing across the sky and I imagine myself racing too.

Thank you stars.