Learning Tasks – 2nd April

Morning Year 2. Below are your learning tasks for today.


To do today’s activities I suggest using the 1 – 9 from a pack of playing cards.


Following on from yesterday, this task can be scaled to include using more or less of the cards.

There are lots of activities that use playing cards that can help build children’s confidence with number. You might want to try one of the following. For them you will need a zero card, this could be a face card.

  1. Using the numbers from 0-9 try and find make a two-digit number for each of these statements (you can only use each card once):
    • a number greater than 50
    • a multiple of 10
    • an even number
    • a number as close to 75 as possible
    • a prime number
  2. Using 4 shuffled cards try and make a calculation that equals as close to zero as possible. So if I have 1, 5, 7, 3 I could do 5 – 3 – 1 = 1. You have to use at least two cards each go before shuffling them again. If you play with a partner the number you finish with is your score. The lowest score wins. You could also do this with a different total or operation.


Today’s general task is to dive into a book. Spend time reading with someone or something (pets can be fantastic listeners). You might read the whole story or just your favourite part. Tell them why you like the story. Tell them how you might change it if you were the author.


To finish your story, make sure you solve your problem (I am looking forward to what yours were – did you get attacked by a wild animal, get lost in a hidden ruin, go over a waterfall in a canoe!). Today, make sure you are checking your punctuation. Look for sentence starting words in your whole story and check to see if you might have missed off a capital or a full stop. In class we have thought about sentences as ideas. Where have you gone from talking about one idea to another – this is where the full stop will go. Some of you might also want to think about using paragraphs to make add suspense and interest when reading your story. In class we learnt about leaving a line space when there was a change of Place, Time or Person.