Learning Tasks – 30th April

Good Morning Year 2. Here are your learning tasks for today.

Maths – Count and Move

Here is another game to help you practise your subtraction. To play this game you will need some number cards from 0 to 20.

Spread your number cards face down on the table.

One player calls out an action to be performed e.g. clapping, blinking, doing star jumps, pretend sneezes, toe touches etc.

The other player turns over a card and has to do that action 20 times minus the number on the card e.g. if they turned over the number 4 then they would clap 16 times.

Take turns to pick an action and have the other person turn over a card.

Choose actions with plenty of movement to get your heart rate going and work your physical muscles at the same time. Have fun!

General – Drawing fossils

We have been learning all about Mary Anning and how she collected fossils but did you know she also drew them?

Today have a go at drawing your own fossils for example an ammonite.

I have used white chalk on black paper so that it shows up. I started with a spiral shape and then added my own patterns. Have a go. See what you can do.

Writing – All about the Dinosaurs

This activity will probably take you a few days to complete. You are going to write a fact file about dinosaurs.

Choose a different dinosaur for each page. Did you know not all the dinosaurs were alive at the same time? You may like to write about them in order.

Remember that each page needs to include pictures, labels and captions as well as the facts.

To make your fact file even more interesting for the reader try to include some questions for them to answer. For example you could write – Do you know how many teeth a Tyrannosaurus Rex had? You could write the answers to your questions at the back of your book or under a flap.