Learning Tasks – 11th May


Good morning Year 2. We hope you have had a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend. From your emails, we know many of you were making bunting to celebrate VE Day. We hope you had a great time.

Maths – Using scales

Sometime this week we would like you to have a go at doing some cooking which involves using scales to weigh the ingredients. A key life skill is learning how to measure accurately. If you are not accurate the result will not taste or look right!

Today, can you find things in your home that weigh less than a kilogram, exactly a kilogram or more than a kilogram? How are you going to record your findings?

General – A mini dinosaur environment

This design technology/art idea comes from Emily in Year 2.

Emily has created a mini dinosaur environment using a box, paint, clay and dinosaur figures. Isn’t it wonderful! The volcano looks particularly good in the background.

Could you make one too? What could you use to make yours? Perhaps you could use a box or a tray plus stones, sand, leaves and playdough? Use your imagination.


This week you are going to plan, write and edit your own dinosaur story.

Day 1 – Plan your story

First of all you need to carefully choose your characters. In ‘Dinosaurs and all that rubbish’ the man travels back to earth and discovers that the dinosaurs have woken up from their long sleep. How are your characters going to meet the dinosaurs? Are they going to travel back in time?

The middle part of a story usually contains a problem so what will the problem be in your story?

The problem is then solved at the end so how will your story finish?

Spend today thinking of your ideas and then jot them down.