Learning Tasks – 13th May


Good morning Year 2. Thank you for all your emails. It is lovely to hear that you are enjoying your learning at home. Here are your tasks for today.

Maths – 3D Shape

Go on a 3D shape hunt around your house. What 3D shapes can you find?

How many faces does each of your shapes have?

How many vertices do they each have?

How many edges does each 3D shape have?

Describe one of these 3D shapes to an adult and see if they can guess which shape you have chosen. Then they could describe a shape for you to guess.

I have 6 flat faces. My faces are not all the same size. I have 12 straight edges and 8 vertices. What shape am I?


In the story ‘Dinosaurs and all that rubbish’ the man told the people working in his factories to build him a rocket.

Could you build a rocket? What could you build it out of? You could use some empty 3D shaped packaging.

The man in the story used his rocket to fly to the star that he had always dreamt of visiting. Where would you like to go in your rocket?


Day 3 – You are going to use your plan to write the middle part of your story. This is where you write the events which happen to your characters, in order, building up towards your story problem. Does something go wrong? Is it a mystery, a fight or something else?

Today’s skill is to vary the openers to your sentences to make them more interesting for the reader.

In the morning,…

Following the very large footprints,..

Later that day,…