Learning Tasks – 15th May


Good morning Year 2. It’s Friday! Here are your tasks for today.

Maths – Capacity

Capacity is a measure of how much something can hold. We use millilitres (ml) and litres (l) to measure capacity. There are 1000 millilitres in a litre.

Can you find examples of packaging holding litres and millilitres in your house? For example you may find a litre of ice cream or a 350 ml can of drink.

Next, look for some containers of different sizes – egg cups, beakers, pots and pans. You will also need a measuring jug and some water.

Fill each container with water and then transfer the water into a measuring jug to find out how many litres or millilitres each container holds.

Which container holds the most?

Which container holds the least amount of water?

General – Volcanoes

Scientists think that many volcanoes started erupting during the time of the dinosaurs.

There are examples online of how to make your own erupting volcano at home. You will need bicarbonate of soda, washing up liquid, water, vinegar, red food colouring, a plastic cup and a cone.

When your volcano is erupting what can you hear, see and smell?

What happens if you add another spoonful of vinegar?

How many spoonfuls of vinegar did you add before the reaction stopped?

May be you could include an erupting volcano in your dinosaur story?


Day 5 – Edit your dinosaur story.

Spend some time today:

  • Reading through your story, making sure it makes sense.
  • Add in any words you have missed out.
  • Check your full stops. Make sure you include one at the end of each sentence or idea.
  • After each full stop make sure there is a capital letter.
  • Do all your names start with a capital letter?
  • Can you find exciting adjectives in your story?
  • Do your sentences start with different openers?
  • Have you used any conjunctions to join your clauses together?

Well done for persevering to edit and improve your story today.