Learning Tasks – 18th May


Good morning Year 2. I hope you are well and had a good weekend.


This mornings maths is a Sudoku. To fill these in, make sure that in each row or column there is only one of each shape or number.

There are ways to approach these sorts of problems. One is to draw out the grid and place the known counters in their correct places. Then keep adding counters and moving them till you have solved it. This method is called trial by error. Another method involves using a strategy. Choose one row or column with at least 2 known colours or numbers and try to add the other counters.

This can’t work because there can’t be two blues in the same column.
So the first row must be like this.

Now we can look for another row or column with two or more known colours or numbers and do the same thing.

If you would like an extra challenge try these number Sudokus:


This year is an Olympic year. Each time the Olympics are held the organisers try include several new sports. For the first time, there will be freestyle BMX (doing BMX tricks) and basketball.

Today, think of a sport you would include. It could be one that you already take part in (you could research if it is already an Olympic sport) or a new event (what new activities have you been doing because of the lockdown?).

Write a short paragraph explaining why you think it should be included, what some of the rules would be and how it would be scored.


I have been receiving such fantastic writing from you all. I hope you can all see how much progress you have made since September. This morning I would like you to help me with some writing I have done. I was trying to write a dinosaur story like you did last week but I think it could be improved.

To do this you could copy or print the paragraph below and make notes of your changes onto it. Or you could simply let me know what you might change about it and why (it would be great if you could provide examples of sentences you would use).

i was walking along the beach at lyme regis it was my first time on the jurassic coast. I was looking for fossils on the sand and in the cliffs and on the rocks. I saw a rock. It had a small shell stuck in it so I reached out and toucht it

there was a bright light. And I could not see. I looked around me and I was not on the beach anymore. I was in a jungle with ferns and it was hot and sticky and it was dark because the trees blocked out the sun.

I heard a nose. I turnt around. I saw a velociraptor. I was not scared because it was only the size of a chicken.

I said “Hello, who are you”.

“I am vicky” said the velociraptor.