Learning Tasks – 19th May


Good morning Year 2.


You seemed to enjoy yesterdays puzzle so I have found something similar today.

Each of the shapes in the picture represents a number (it could be a number greater than 10). Can you work out what each number is?

If you would like a further challenge, this link generates puzzles like the ones above.


This mornings task is designed to develop your drawing accuracy. I would like you to spend some time using only one colour of pencil to draw an object. This will give you time to think about making your picture look as close to the object as possible.

When drawing things it is a good idea to try and spot simple shapes that make up the object. Draw these first faintly before adding more and more detail. Below is an example of a dinosaur still life being made up of different shapes.

Try drawing the same thing more than once to see if you can control the shapes you are trying to draw more accurately. If you would like an extra challenge, to really make you think about the shapes that make up the object, try drawing your picture without lifting the pencil. We call this continuous line drawing.


Thank you for your feedback about my writing yesterday. I will definitely try to include your ideas in my next story.

Today I would like you to continue to edit my work. I have written a poem about dinosaurs. I have used accurate punctuation and sounds to make it interesting but I think it could do with more describing words. Can you add them?

Think about where you will add your describing words. Can you add more than one describing word together to make a phrase (tall speckled)? Can you add a simile (sound like a foghorn, shakes like an earthquake)?

Dinosaur Day

Thump, thump,

The ground shakes with the sound of stamping feet,

Crack, groan,

The branches shake and bend as the dinosaurs lumber past,

Flap, swish,

The hunter swoops overhead searching for its prey,

Can you think of any extra verses to complete my poem?