Learning Tasks – 4th May


Good morning Year 2. A new week and a new month.


This weeks maths will be looking at sharing.

To start with we will be using our times tables skills (because it is the opposite of sharing). We will use the language of half, quarter, third and fifth.

See if you can solve these problems. You might want to do them practically with counters or models. When you have an answer see if you can come up with the division number sentence that shows what is going on.

  • I found half of a dinosaur’s bones buried in the ground. I found 9 bones. How many bones did the dinosaur originally have?
  • I read read 6 pages of my book. This is a quarter of it. How many pages does my book have in total.
  • A third of the houses on my street have blue doors. There are 4 blue doors. How many houses are there altogether?
  • I cooked lots of cookies ready for VE day. I made 7 chocolate cookies. This was a fifth of the amount I made. How many cookies did I make altogether?

I will post a possible method to solve these as a separate post if you get stuck. If you finish these quickly try coming up with your own to practise the language of half, third, quarter and fifth. If you send them to me I will have a go at them too.


Today’s activity is another ‘sciencey’ one. You may have done something like this before so you might already have some good ideas of how to be successful with your design.

In the story Dinosaurs and all that rubbish, the human character uses a rocket to blast of to the stars. When rockets land back on earth they often use parachutes to land safely. Today, I would like you to experiment with making something that can safely allow an object to fall safely back to the ground without getting damaged.

To do this you could (with support) drop your object (eggs work really well if you can spare them, although a plsatic action figure or similar will work just as well) from an upstairs window.

Did your design keep your object safe? What made your object slow down? What changes would you make?


In the story Dinosaurs and all that rubbish, the dinosaurs get rid of all the pollution. What one thing would you like to change about the world right now (this could be pollution or it could be related to an endangered animal, poverty, damage to our oceans etc).

In your writing, try to explain your reasons using conjunctions. In class, we use because to show why we think something. We normally say not to start with the word because, but today you could try this as an extra challenge. For example:

I would like to see an end to hunger because it is important that everyone has something to eat. We could send spare food to other countries because they might have had bad weather that damaged their crops...
Because it is important that everyone has something to eat, I would like to see an end to hunger. Because some countries might have had bad weather that damaged their crops, we could send spare food to them.