Learning Tasks – 7th May

Good morning Year 2.


Today’s math’s was sent in by Ryan.

For this game, you need to come up with as many times tables as you can to get the target number. In my example the target number is 30. You can only use the numbers around the target number.

For example:

5×6 = 30

10 x 3 = 30

but you can’t do 7 x 9

Here targets to have a go with:

You could also play this game using your division facts too.


For today’s task I would like you to spend some time reflecting on the last month. This has been a difficult and strange time for ourselves, our families and friends and our communities. But there have been good things happening too. With your family, spend some time thinking about some of the things that you have noticed during the lockdown.

I have written 6 prompts you could use in your reflection. You could make the cube below and write the prompts onto it. Then take turns rolling the cube to get a question:

  • What has been your favourite thing to do since the lockdown started
  • What positive changes have you noticed since the lockdown started (this could be close to home or in the wider world)
  • What will you do first, when the lockdown ends
  • What will you do more of after the lockdown
  • What has been the hardest thing about spending so much time at home
  • What will you miss about spending so much time at home


This morning, and you might want to continue this over the weekend. I would like you to write part of a story using this photo.

Our new classmate

Imagine if, when we got back to school, that we had a new classmate. They have just moved to the area and are spending the summer term with us. What do they like doing? What are they good at/find hard? What things do you teach them? What do they teach you? Do they use their strength to take you on rides? What are they like at sports day?

For this task you don’t have to write the whole story, although you can if you would like. I suggest you focus on writing about one day (like a diary). Make sure you write in the order that things happened and that you use past tense (this way you can include some speech).

Try and include the following:

  • Past tense verbs (actions ending in ed – remember some verbs don’t follow this rule)
  • Lots of descriptive phrases
  • Sentences that aren’t too long
  • Some prepositions (around, on, through, under) to make your sentences more insteresting
  • Some speech
  • Some humour (what silly things happen)

I got to school early, for a change. It was going to be strange seeing me friends because we had been staying at home or so long. I noticed a brand new peg above mine when I hung up my bag. That’s strange I thought as I went to chat with my friends.

I sat down at the table by the window and started talking to Scarlett. Just at that moment there was a loud crash from the door.

“Sorry,” said a new voice, “I think I am a bit too big for this door.”

“Don’t worry,” sighed Mrs Burton, “I am sure we can fix it!”

At the door was the strangest sight I had ever seen. It was a dinosaur WEARING SCHOOL UNIFORM! Mr Salmon introduced the dinosaur as Sarah. He asked the class if there was anyone who would like to look after her. At first, no did…