Google Classroom – First Day!

Well done for everyone who managed to log in to Google Classroom yesterday and complete a task. I am so impressed by your perseverance with learning this new tool and with the work produced. I never knew we had so many tall trees, and a couple of short ones, in and around Kelvedon!

Reflecting on yesterday, Miss Reece and I have come up with some guidelines that we will aim to follow to ensure we can provide the best support and teaching:

  • The teachers will actively monitor, and reply to, private comments between 9 and 12. This is to provide support with the learning set. If you have questions outside this time, please add them and we will aim to reply as soon as we can.
  • We will not be replying to any messages outside of school hours.
  • Work handed-in will be marked during the afternoon, not during the day. This gives us time to provide effective feedback and create the following days tasks. As mentioned before, you do not have to complete work set straight away.
  • We will periodically (most likely weekly) delete old tasks from the ‘classwork’ section. This is to ensure this area doesn’t get too cluttered and confusing.
  • If you see a ✅ next to a task, then it is an old task. If you add comments or hand-in work to them, we may not see it.
  • We will have 1 class stream to comment on. It should be used to support your classmates like you would in a classroom. ‘Silly comments’ will mean we will disable the stream. رهان المباريات This would be a shame.
  • In the future we may add more to create live feedback sessions or PSHE lessons.

We received lots of helpful feedback yesterday about things you liked and things you found challenging about using this new learning tool (thank you for this). We have already starting to implement some or you suggestions. Below are some slideshows aimed at solving some of the problems that people had yesterday, and how they solved them.

Clicking on the images below will start the slideshows. I am currently writing instructions for mobile users too. بيت واي

If you cannot get the web address classroom. المراهنة على المباريات to work then try this link