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Friday Song
Little miss giggle went out for a walk and lost her giggle! Oh ...

See if you can make everyone laugh today. What will you do? Tell a joke? Pull a funny face? Make a funny noise?

Try playing the Don’t Laugh Game.

You will need at least one other person.

One person needs to keep a straight face: no laughing, giggling,smiling.

The other person needs to try to make them smile or laugh, but no touching them. How long will they last without laughing I wonder?

Material Hunt 2

I was so impressed with the Mr Men you created using everyday items from around the home. The items you found were man-made, like some fabrics and plastics.

Today, I would like you to create another Mr Men or Little Miss character of your own but with natural materials. These are materials that you will find in nature so have a look in the garden (if you have a garden and it is not raining), and ask an adult before you use anything. I have found leaves, sticks, shells, petals and stones for my characters.

Remember to tidy any mess away after.

Story Time- Solving the Problem and the Ending

Here is the ending of the Mr Silly story.

In your story, you will need to tell me how the problem was solved and what happens in the end. I hope it all turns out well like this story! I look forward to finding out.

I have seen from the work that has been emailed to me so far, that you are really good at using describing words (adjectives). I would like you to show me how you can use them in the end of your story today.

Examples from the story: huge crowd, square apple, thunderous applause, green leaves, green tree.

The adjective tells us alot more about the noun.

I can only have a picture in my head if you tell me more about it.

An apple- What does it look like? (shape [square], colour [red]) taste like? (sweet, juicy) smell like? (pleasant) feel like? (smooth)

You could use more than one word to describe a person, place or thing.

Example: The hot, summer sun. (Notice I have used a comma between the two describing words).

So, in your story, how does everyone feel in the end? Everyone is happy in the Mr Silly story as the crowd applaud (clap) and cheer. Mr Silly smiles and is proud.

How do your characters feel?

Mr Men Maths Sorting

Below is a sheet of different Mr Men and Little Miss characters to download or you could use some from the sheet I gave you previously. If you cannot print them then draw your own to sort.

  1. Can you sort the characters into two groups. (example-A group with hats on and a group without hats). Think of other ways you could sort them.
  2. Now think of two completely different groups. (example- A group with hats on and a group with the colour red on them). Now you might have some characters that fit both groups and some that do not fit either group.

You could sort them using a Venn diagram. The characters with red hats would go in the centre and the group without hats and no red on them would go outside the circles.

Challenge yourself to come up with different ways to sort and try to use a venn diagram if you can.

Example of a Venn Diagram

‘EW’ and ‘UE’

I haven’t forgotten your list of words using the digraphs above from earlier in the week.

Here is my list: glue, blue, cue, queue, view, new, chew, value, tissue, barbecue, argue, rescue, nephew, stew, few, knew, pew

If you would like an extra challenge then rewrite the third and fourth lines of this famous rhyme using one of the words in the list as I have done.

Mr. Men Little Miss on Twitter: "Little Miss Hug is always kind ...

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I’m baking a cake,

To give to my nephew.

(As you can see ‘nephew’ in the last line, rhymes with ‘blue’ in the second line).  

Don’t forget to practise Friday, Saturday and Sunday to finish the week (knowing the order and the spelling).

Saturday and Sunday Song

Mr Men Wordsearch

You can complete it online if you prefer.


It has been fun learning with you this week. Mrs Hewitt will be with you next week and Mr Salmon is going to work his magic so that your emails are sent to her. You just need to carry on sending your work and messages to the usual email address. Have a fun weekend. Bye for now from Mrs Harvey.

Mr Salmon working his computer magic