Year 1 and 2 Learning 11/06/20

It has been great to see all of your wonderful learning that you have been completing at home. Well done!

Geography: Yesterday your learning was to go for a walk to a local venue (Sorry it wasn’t as sunny!) whilst looking out for road names, land marks and anything else you found interesting. Today, using that information, you are going to create your own map. Here is an example to help you. Remember to add in any information that you found interesting! As you can see, I enjoy food and have noted some shops and restaurants!

English: Using your map to help you. Can you write some directions from where you began and where you finished. Think about including some varied sentence openers for example: First, then, next, after that, finally. Here is an example to help you; On Wednesday, Mrs Hewitt took Year one and two on a trip to our church. First we went out of the school and turned right. After a few minutes, we stopped at a zebra crossing and waited to safely cross the road. Then we walked straight ahead…

Maths: Number of the day. You can apply any of the numbers to the same questions. Option 1) Number 14 Option 2) 86 Option 3) 112 1) Is the number odd? 2) ? + 7 = 14, 64 or 112. 3) How many tens in the number? 4) Is the tens an odd or even number? 5) Can you create a subtraction number sentence using your number. 6) Ten more. 7) Ten less. 8) Write your number in words.

Mrs Hewitt