Year 1 and 2 learning Monday 08/06/20

Good Morning Year 1 and 2! I hope you had a wonderful weekend even though the weather hasn’t been as lovely as it has been!

This week our learning is going to be based upon a book called ‘Lost and found.’

We will read the story tomorrow but first, take a look at the front cover and some other pictures.

Talk to a member of your family about the images and what you think the story maybe about. You may wish to write down some of your ideas to see if you are correct tomorrow. Here are some questions which may help you.

Image 1) Why is the boy and penguin in an umbrella? Who or what is lost? Who or what is found?

Image 2) Where are they going? What do you think the boy is saying to the penguin?

Image 3) Where is the boy? How does the penguin feel and why do you think he feels that way?

MathCard game

Using a pack of playing cards can you play an addition game? Remove the 10, Jack, Queen and King and then split the pack of cards into two piles. The Ace = 1 (If you do not have a pack of cards, writing the numbers 1 – 9, 4 times on some scrap paper will be fine.

Here’s how to play.

  1. Each player turns over one card at the same time.
  2. The first person to add up the value of both cards wins both of the cards.
  3. The first person to win all of the cards wins the game.

For example: 7 + 9 = 16. Whoever says 16 first gains both cards.

If you wish to have an extra challenge. Can you add up the value when each player turns over 2 cards each. But be careful…this means the card values change! For example. Player 1 has a 2 and a 1. That becomes 21. Player 2 has a 5 and a 4. That becomes 54.

The players now have to add up 21 + 54.

Design: Can you create your own penguin using old packaging. here are some pictures to inspire you.

I look forward to seeing all of your wonderful learning.

Keep Safe.

Mrs Hewitt