Year 1 and 2 learning Tuesday 09/06/20

Good Morning Year 1 and 2. I has been lovely to see some of your great learning already! Today we begin our learning by watching the story ‘Lost and Found.’ Here is the link

Science: The boy needs to help the penguin return to the South pole and he needs your help! We need to investigate the type of boat strong enough for the job! You will need to make two boats and you will choose which one is the best for the journey. You can choose any material: Lego, plastic, tin foil or anything else you may have at home.

Things for you to think about before you test your boat: Which is the best material to use? Which one do you think will float better? Which boat will hold the most weight? Which boat will be a better size and why?

Things for you to think about during your test: Which boat floats better? Which boat holds the most weight, Which boat is the better size and why? Where your original thoughts (predictions) correct?

English: Using your science experiment can you write some sentences about what you learnt using some coordinating and subordinating connectives. Remember that coordinating connectives are: for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so and some subordinating connectives are: when, however, although, before, because, until. A coordinating connectives example: I thought the Lego boat would hold more weight but it held less than the tin foil boat. A subordinating connective example: The cardboard boat floated well until I put some weight in it.

Maths: Your number today is 22. Can you calculate the following? (extensions are in brackets if you would like an additional challenge)

  1. Write it in words
  2. 1 more (extension, 10 more)
  3. 1 less (extension, 10 less)
  4. How many ‘ones’ in this number? (How many tens in this number?)
  5. Create a number sentence. For example 10 + 12 = 22 (15 + 7 = 22 or 9 + 4 + 2+ 7= 22)
  6. 19 + ? = 22
  7. Mrs Hewitt had 22 sweets and she ate 15. How many sweets did Mrs Hewitt have left?