MyMaths Logins

We have sent out the new logins for all the year 2 children to access MyMaths. These have been sent to the contact emails we have registered with ParentPay. We will be setting the first homework this weekend and there will be two weeks for it to be completed. If you have not received this email, please contact the school office.

Below is a video tutorial about logging in to the site for the first time. Something that often catches people out when using MyMaths for the first time is that there are two logins. The first one with the username ‘kelvedonstmarys’ is used on the main page (0:04 on the video) and the second, made up of three letters or numbers is used on the second login (0:27 on the video).

If you have any further questions about logging in, or the homework set, please speak to myself or Mrs Harvey.