2S Sharing Assembly Script

Because we can’t send home scripts for the children to practise I am uploading the script here for the children to practise with.

Mr Salmon

English Group - Taylor, Kieran, Alaina, Eve, Freya
Taylor/Kieran - We have been learning to write accurate sentences.
Alaina - This week we have been adding prepositions to our sentences.
Eve - Prepositions tell you where something is happening.
[Children move the penguin]
Taylor - The penguin is behind the door.
Freya - Now, the penguin is by the South pole.
Eve - Now, the penguin is next to the South pole.
Kieran - The penguin is in front of the door.
Alaina - Finally, the penguin is on the ice-berg.
All - We have also been making sure each of our sentences always have capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and no extra capital letters.
Art Group - James, Tilly, Louie, Brooke, Imogen, James
James/Tilly - In art we have been learning different art styles.
Louie - We all chose an animal and painted it in an abstract way.
Tilly / Brooke - We looked at pictures by Kandinsky to give us ideas.
Imogen  - We chopped our animals up into smaller parts and coloured them in.
[Show audience our pictures]
Louie - Here are some more abstract pictures that we have done in class.
Tilly - I like abstract pictures because they are really bright.
Brooke - I like my picture because I like how the arm looks.
James - I like my picture because I like the colours I chose.

Maths - Lucas, Sonny, Freddie, Oliver, Olivia
Lucas/Sonny - In our maths we have been learning to count on and back.
Freddie - This is called addition and subtraction.
Oliver - Or adding and taking away.
Olivia - We have been practising different methods to help us count accurately. This is how we count on accurately.
[Oliver and Freddie count on in twos]
[Sonny and Lucas count on in fives]
[Sonny and Olivia count in tens]
Olivia - This is how we use the rods to solve a problem.
Freddie - This is how we use the Numicon.
All - We can also do this in our heads
[Children model counting on to solve the problem]
Oliver - We also play maths games to help us get more confident.
Freddie - My favourite game is called Eggs on Legs because it is fun.
Olivia - My favourite game is hit the button. It helps me get better at my number bonds to 100.

DT - Seren, Finley, Elodie, Jacob, Issy
Seren / Finley - We have been learning to design and make things.
Elodie / Jacob -We made these moving animal pictures.
Seren / Issy - We learnt how to design. Our designs had to be good enough so that any could make it.
Elodie - We learnt different skills like how to cut the slot in the middle.
Jacob -  We had to add a foreground [pause] and background.
Finley / Issy - Finally we learnt how to evaluate. This means say what we thought was good and what we would change next time.
Elodie - Here is my evaluation. [Read from book]
Jacob - Here is my evaluation. [Read from book]
Finley - We also made cupcakes.
All - They were yummy!
Seren / Issy - We did this to learn how to write instructions using time words.
Jacob - We used these in our story writing.

PSHE - Ben, Matilda, George, Seb, Albert
Ben / Matilda - In our PSHE lessons we have been learning about our learning.
George - We have been thinking about what we can do when we get stuck.
Seb - In class we call this the pit.
Albert - Some of the ways we can get out of the pit are using the learning walls, talking to our learning partners, trying it a different way and being resilient.
[Children give examples of when they got stuck and how they resolved it]