Things to think about over half-term

Well done for all your hard work last half-term, year 2. You should be really proud of all you have achieved over the last 7 weeks. I have especially enjoyed reading through your versions of Lost and Found.

Our first week back at school is going to be Safety Week. We have lots of activities planned linked to keeping safe at home and in our community. It is also the week of Remembrance Sunday.

In year 2, we will be using this time to look back at some of the changes that have happened over the last 100 years. If you can, try and spend some time talking with family members about differences they have experienced or seen happen in the local area (What has appeared or disappeared where you live? What do we have now that your family didn’t have when they were children?)

In our maths we will be moving onto multiplication. I know some of you are already familiar with some of the times tables. The MyMaths homework I have set is a chance to practise these skills.

When you are thinking about your times tables, do you know any other ways to show them. When I was walking in the forest over half term, I tried making times tables using the things I found around me.

Here I made the 5x table by putting pine cones into groups of 5.
What times table do you think I am showing here? How could you show the times tables you know or practise ones you are not sure of?
What times table do you think I tried this time? I have hidden the last pine cones under a piece of bark. How many do you think are hidden? Why do you think that?

Have a restful half-term year 2. We look forward to seeing you back next week.