Monday’s Tasks


This week we were planning on re-writing our versions of the story Owl Babies. Today’s tasks is to create a story map of your version.

Last week you chose a nocturnal animal to write a factfile about (I will try to upload these so everyone can see them today). Use that animal when you plan your own story map.

This is a picture of a story map for Owl Babies that I found on the internet. You can see that each picture retells an important part of the story. Using your animal, redraw your own version. Make sure you include some brothers and sisters for your animal as well as thinking about where it lives. Tomorrow we will use this to start our writing.


In daily maths, we have started to look again at 2D shapes. We have been discussing their properties i.e. the number of sides, does it have parallel sides or is it regular.

Today I would like you to carry this on using Tangrams.

On the right, you can see the shape you will need to cut out (there are lots of templates online or you can cut it out from a square piece of paper). The first challenge is to make a picture using it (there are some ideas on the left). These could be Christmassy or linked to our nocturnal animal topic. Can you talk about the shape you have made describing the number of sides, pointing out any parallel sides etc. The second challenge is to put the pieces back into the square shape without looking at the picture!


Today I would like you to have a go making an owl. This link shows you how you can take a circle of clay and turn it into an owl. At home, you could use clay, salt dough, a circle of cardboard or plaster-cine. Be as creative as you can with your owl with how you decorate it. If you send pictures of them to the year group email I will share them with everyone.