Pupil and Parents/Carers Spring Learning Conference

Dear Parent / Carer,

Our Spring Pupil and Parents/Carers Learning Conference will be held on Thursday 3rd March in the school hall. Appointments will be between 3.30pm and 8.00pm, incorporating a break for teachers to have a meal.

Please complete the appointment fields and select your times your times on ParentPay by Thursday 10th February.

Please try to be flexible and make yourself available for as many time slots as possible. (I will endeavour to provide an appointment within your selected requested times, however this cannot be guaranteed.)

Each appointment will be for no longer than ten minutes. Should you wish to discuss further matters and your time has run out, then your child’s class teacher will be only too pleased to book a further appointment at a convenient time for you both where the matter can be discussed in more detail. This can be arranged directly with the class teacher.

You must enter something into each field before submitting for this electronic system to work – even if just a dash or n/a.

Please remember to complete the fields for EACH OF YOUR CHILDREN‘s ParentPay accounts.

(Siblings will not automatically be given an appointment unless their ParentPay accounts fields have been individually completed.)

If ParentPay allows you to do one child and then not another, please log out of ParentPay and log back in after each child. If after trying this you continue to have a problem, please email the school office on admin@kelvedonacademy.com who will help to solve the problem.

Appointments will be sent out by email, on Friday 25th February.

You will receive your child’s ‘one page summary’ in advance of your appointment. Parents / carers of children in years R, 1 and 2 do not have to bring their child to the conference, but you can if you chose to. Children attending will, through their ‘one page summary’. Talk about their learning with you.

Mr M Walsh