Year 3 sleepover.

Year 3 had a fantastic (although tiring) time at the sleep over.   The children found out lots about how children in Africa might live and got to experience some of it for themselves.  Trying on traditional African clothing and playing with some of the toys that the children might have, like palm leaf dolls and footballs made from banana leaves, although ours were made of plastic bags.  Everyone was very thankful that all they had to carry to school was a book bag, especially after they had a go with the water carriers that the African children had to transport!


The children also had some close encounters with a variety of wild animals, including a pair of meercats, a python, a tortoise, millipedes, sugar gliders and an armadillo!  A lovely time was had by all.



The sleeping arrangements were very cosy!


Everyone was up and about by 7am for an energetic breakfast, even those who’d only been a sleep for a few hours!