Year 3 Creative Homework-Completion Date 8th December

Year 3 Creative Homework — Dinosaurs and Stone Age to Iron Age

This half term you need to complete at least 3 out of the 10 tasks listed below. This is roughly one piece of work each week but you need to have completed all six of them by Friday 8th December 2017.

You can choose how you create each piece of work, but remember that presentation is important and a variety of hand-written, illustrated, computer-based and out-of- the- ordinary is preferable.

Each piece of homework should be placed in your homework folder (or a photograph if this is not possible).

  1. Create a 3D Fossil
  2. Draw a new dinosaur of your own creation giving facts such as name, size, diet, habitat and which period it would have lived.
  3. Write a 8- 10 question quiz about dinosaurs or the Stone Age. Include answers. (This could be handwritten or using Word or Power Point.)
  4. Create a time-line which shows dinosaurs, Stone-Age and Iron Age. Find 3 important facts or events to add to your time-line.
  5. Create a cartoon strip which includes some historical facts (any period from dinosaurs to Iron Age.)
  6. Write 8-10 Maths word problems about our topic. Try to include fractions too. Remember to work out the answers.
  7. You have time travelled to one of the historic periods we are learning about. Design and write a post-card to send back home.
  8. Design a 3 day menu for a Stone-Age family.
  9. Make a model of a dinosaur and its habitat or an early man’s home.
  10. Design a sport that Stone Age man could have played to keep him fit and entertained. Think about (number of players, equipment, rules and aims of the game.)

We look forward to seeing your creations. Have fun!

The Year 3 Team