Creative Homework – Roald Dahl- Spring Term 1

Year 3 Creative Homework — Roald Dahl

This half term you need to complete at least 3 out of the 7 tasks listed below. You need to have completed all three of them by Monday 5th February.

You can choose how you create each piece of work, but remember that presentation is important and a variety of hand-written, illustrated, computer-based and out-of- the- ordinary is preferable.

Each piece of homework should be placed in your homework folder (or a photograph if this is not possible).

  1. Character creation. Draw a new Roald Dahl Book Character in the style of Quentin Blake, if you are able. Then write about the character- What is their personality, likes, dislikes, special abilities and qualities etc..? Use adjectives and adverbs in your description.
  1. Create an eye-catching poster for a new sweet that the Wonka Factory can produce and sell. Use words to convince people to buy this new sweet.
  1. Design and make a stage set (in a shoe box or similar) to show one of your favourite scenes from a Roald Dahl story.
  1. Matilda loved reading and hopefully so do you. Write a book review of a book you have read recently. Remember to say what the book is about; what it is you like or dislike about it and why; who the book would be suitable for and give it a star rating or a score out of 10.
  1. Fact File– Research Roald Dahl and present your findings in a creative way.
  1. Use Topic words to create a word search or anagram puzzles to solve. Remember to include the solutions.
  1. You can be the maths teacher and create a poster or a Power Point to help you teach either addition, subtraction, counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s or fractions (1/2, 1/4, 1 whole). Use Roald Dahl as a theme for your lesson. (Presentations should be no more than 4 minutes.)

We look forward to seeing your creations. Have fun!

The Year 3 Team