Creative Homework- Harry Potter

Year 3 Creative Homework

This half term you need to create a book of magic, which may include some of the things listed below. You need to have completed and handed it in by Monday 21st May.

You can choose how you create and present your book but remember that presentation is important.

  1. Spells, potions, curses and charms – What are the ingredients, the instructions for making them and what do they do? Remember to include illustrations and any safety points and warnings.
  2. Fact files about wizards, characters or creatures in the Harry Potter books, wands, steam trains (like the Hogwarts Express), castles or any other subject linked to the theme.
  3. Magic tricks- instructions on how to perform the trick with diagrams to help.
  4. A map of the forbidden forest or any other magical and mysterious place of your choosing.
  5. Magical creative writing in the form of poems, stories, jokes, letters, adverts, diaries or historic facts.
  6. Anything else you would like to include that adds the WOW factor to your book.

We look forward to seeing your creations. Have fun!

The Year 3 Team