Summer Term Creative Homework


Year 3 Creative Homework- Summer Term


You have been learning how to write a diary in class. We would like you to create a personal diary which tells your reader about the events of at least 3 days in your life between now and the handing in date. Illustrate your writing and create a front cover which represents you (for example you may love horses, the colour blue, chocolate, holidays in Portugal and walks in the forest). You need to have completed this by Friday 13th July.


Things to remember:

  • Write the day and date of the entry
  • Write in first person (I, We…)
  • Use mainly past tense ( was, -ed…)
  • Tell events in time (chronological) order
  • Include emotions and feelings
  • Use paragraphs to organise
  • Use time conjunctions and adverbials (first, after that, eventually)

We look forward to seeing your creations. Have fun!

The Year 3 Team