Learning to read and developing a love of reading

It has been great to see how much reading the children are completing at home and this reflects on the amount of accelerated reader quizzing they complete at school. The children are encouraged to take their school library book home each day and quiz the next day after completing a book. Other books read at home can often be quizzed too – to check to see if a quiz is available you can use the website AR Book Finder

In lessons, we have been focusing on the use of paired reading where the children read with a peer and support each other with the pronunciation and meaning of different words. They also develop their comprehension skills by writing several facts they have learnt and sometimes they even write a question for the teacher to answer. We have been finding out about different boats and also some different religious practices. Each session is followed by a brief whole-class discussion.

Another teaching and learning strategy we have adopted in class is linking reading and art together. Here, the children read a passage from a text and then complete a piece of artwork to describe the scene or a particular character.

Furthermore, both classes have been enjoying stories read by an adult with Roald Dahl a favourite in 3F as well as a story about respecting differences. 3T have enjoyed stories by David Walliams.

Some children will also read 1:1 with an adult from time-to-time although this is not standard practise across the year group with all of the children.

Small group guided reading began last week where the children are taught to use their phonics to sound out unfamiliar words; learn the meaning of new vocabulary and start to learn various reading comprehension techniques to help them better understand what they are reading.

Miss Taylor and I also have some exciting ideas for further fostering a love of reading in the year group. More details are to follow . . .

Mr Faithfull (Literacy / Connecting Our Lives to Others Leader)