PSHE – 3F – Managing our Feelings

3F completed some circle time today about managing our feelings. We focused on what to do if we can’t get our own way.

Things we learnt:

  • Everyone has examples of situations where they didn’t get their own way (at home, school and clubs). This won’t change as they get older.
  • It is normal to have emotions if we don’t get our own way.
  • Some people aren’t too worried if they don’t get their own way; some find it very tricky and others are in the middle.
  • If you are in a friendship group with lots of people who like to get their own way, don’t be surprised if there are disagreements (are you a Chief or an Indian?)

We then discussed different strategies for dealing with situations where they haven’t got their own way and used drama to act out the strategies.

Why don’t you ask your child what the strategies are and see if they can use them at home on occasions where you have to say no?