Monday 23rd March – learning tasks . . .

Good morning 3F and 3T! We hope you had a safe and enjoyable weekend.

Here are your three learning activities for today:

  • find a range of 3-D shapes around the house; complete a My Maths task
  • read and write your own news report
  • Investigate the nutritional value of some foods.



Further details if required:

Maths: Find examples of 3-D shapes around your house and make a list with illustrations. For example: a packet of Pringles is a cylinder.

Complete the My Maths task on 3-D shapes. Remember that vertices means corners.

Reading and Writing: read a news article from a newspaper or from a news website such as Talk to an adult at home about what has happened and what has been reported. Write you own news article about the event and remember to include the 5Ws (who, what, where, when and why).

Topic: With an adult, look at some of the food in the cupboard and discuss their nutritional value by looking on the packaging. Sort the food into different groups following our learning on the food pyramid. Use the picture of the food pyramid to help you – click the link below for more details.


Click here for more details