Learning Tasks – Friday 27th March

Miss Taylor and I hope you have enjoyed the tasks we have set and that your first week of learning at home has been successful. Remember that you will need to use the 6Rs. Perhaps you could explain to someone at home how you have been responsible this week?

Today’s tasks:

  • Maths: Solve this maths puzzle – click here and answer the daily maths questions below
  • English: write an acrostic poem about any type of food
  • Topic: play a card or board game with someone at home.

More details if needed:


Solve this maths investigation using pieces of paper and scissors – click here

This would be a great activity to try on your own to see if you understand the instructions. An adult can then help you if you get stuck and to check your solutions.

Daily maths – answer these questions.

  1. 456 + 162 =
  2. 38 x 2 =
  3. 723 – 121 =
  4. half of 52
  5. 7 x 5 =
  6. 745 + 258 =
  7. 923 – 141 =
  8. 734 – 245 =
  9. 8 x 3
  10. 1234 + 816 =

Explain to an adult how you answered each question using the strategies from your learning in school – this will develop your reasoning skills.


Write an acrostic poem about any type of food or a range of different foods. This website explains what an acrostic poem is – click here


Help your mum or dad with some chores around the house. You might like to: prepare a meal, make the beds or clean and tidy the house (or the garage as requested by one parent). Then as a reward play a card or board game with a family member.