Learning Tasks – Wednesday 25th March

Good morning year three. It was nice to see the sun shining yesterday.

To make sure your learning tasks are showing properly you may need to re-fresh your web browser each day once you visit the blog section. Ask an adult for help with this if you get stuck.

Today’s tasks:

  • Maths: complete this repeating pattern task – click here       Create your own repeating pattern
  • English: complete a character profile from yesterday’s book cover (see below and attached)
  • Topic: write a french vegetable song.

Further details if required:

Maths: Draw, paint or make a repeating pattern using as many different 2-D shapes as possible. Make sure your 2-D shapes are accurately created.

English: Complete a character profile from yesterday’s book cover. Choose one of the children in the picture and use the attached template to help you create a profile. Think about what the character is like – how they behave – their interests – what they are going to do in your story.

Topic: Using yesterday’s French vegetable poster, write a song about vegetables in English but use the French words for the different vegetables.

Character Profile Template