Thursday 26th March – Learning Tasks

Here are a fresh set of learning tasks to complete today. Some of the maths is new learning so you will need to read the website links carefully and talk with an adult.

Today’s tasks:

  • Maths: learn the difference between regular and irregular shapes and acute and obtuse angles; complete a ‘My Maths’ task; learn the spelling of different 2-D shapes.
  • English: plan and write the story using this week’s photo
  • Topic: create your own daily fitness routine

Further details if needed:


Use this link to find out about the difference between a regular and irregular 2-D shape – click here

Use this link to learn about different angles such as acute and obtuse – click here

Complete the ‘My Maths’ task that we have set to see how much you have understood.

Practise spelling the different 2-D shapes you have been learning about this week.


You have already created the title, blurb and a character profile using a picture. Now plan and write the story.

Topic / P.E.

Here is a video of Joe Wicks creating a fitness routine with a school child – click here

Make up your own fitness routine. You could then perform it with a brother, sister or parent at home.