Tuesday 24th March – learning tasks:

Good morning year three. We hope you enjoyed yesterday’s learning tasks.

Here are your three learning activities for today:

  • Maths: Make a 2-D shape fact sheet; use ‘Hit the Button‘ to practise your times tables
  • English: write the title and blurb for a new book
  • Topic: french vegetable poster

Further details if required:

Maths: Make a 2-D shape fact sheet. Remember to . . .

  • Draw each shape using a ruler
  • Write the name of each shape and spell it correctly
  • Describe the properties of each shape. Think about how many sides and describe whether they are straight or curved. How many corners or right angles?

Use the website ‘Hit the Button’ to practise your times tables

Reading: Look carefully at the picture above. This is the front cover of a new book. Decide on a suitable title for the book. Make a prediction for what might happen in the story and write a blurb to describe the plot. For more information about blurbs – click here

Topic: Design a poster to show the French words for the different vegetables that we learnt last week. Use this link to help you remember our learning – click here

Try this activity too: click here