Friday 3rd April Learning Tasks

Welcome to your last blog post of the Spring Term. Well done for using your resilience and resourcefulness over the last few weeks.

Below are the tasks for you to complete today.

Online learning tasks will not be posted for the next two weeks during what would have been the Easter holidays. However, don’t forget you can use Accelerated Reader so keep reading as much as possible. Click here for Accelerated Reader . Happy Easter everyone!

Today’s activities:

  • Maths: complete one of the attached Easter mystery challenges – there is a easier and harder challenge so choose carefully!
  • English: choose a task below based on the attached extract from Charlie and the Chocolate factory
  • Topic: have a go at this aerobic fitness routine – click here

Further details if needed:


Choose one of the attached Spring / Easter maths challenge packs and solve the problems.

Spring Maths Activities – level one difficulty: you should be able to complete this independently.

Easter Mystery Challenge – level two difficulty: this one is a bit trickier but we have solved these sorts of challenges in class. You might need some adult help with some of the questions.  Find out more about fractions by clicking here


Read the attached extract from Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and choose one of the activities below:

  • draw a picture that shows what you have read using the clues in the text
  • re-write the extract in your own words
  • continue the story

Topic / P.E.

Try out the fitness routine that is found by clicking here.

Have a go at making your own fitness routine or play a physical game with an adult or sibling at home. We have been learning how to use shooting in small games so maybe you could include that skill.

Easter Mystery Challenge – level two difficulty Spring Maths Activities – level one difficulty Charlie and the chocolate factory extract