Learning Tasks – Thursday 2nd April

Hello year threes! We hope things are going well at home and you are enjoying the tasks that have been set so far.

Here are today’s activities:

  • Maths: complete the set My Maths tasks
  • English: create a persuasive piece of writing to advertise yesterday’s Easter egg
  • Topic: create a television advert for your Easter egg.

Further details and advice if needed:


Miss Taylor and I have set separate tasks for each class.

  • 3F: most of the tasks involve skills we have learnt in class. However, we haven’t covered rounding this year. To refresh you memory of your yr.2 learning – click here
  • 3T: you have a range of times table activities and a week to complete them.


Use your Easter egg design from yesterday’s activity. Imagine that a supermarket has asked you to create a written advertisement to help sell your egg. What persuasive vocabulary will you use to describe it? Think of the different adjectives you could use. Write some compound and complex sentences to explain to people why they would want to buy your egg. What makes it so good? What makes is special? What will persuade people to part with their money?


Create a song, slogan or jingle to help sell your Easter egg in a television advert. Think about the lyrics you could use. Try and include some alliteration or rhyme to help make it more memorable. Could you use some of the persuasive language from your English task? You might even like to use some items around the house as musical instruments. Or, if you play a musical instrument you could compose the backing music. Could a member of your family record it?