Monday 20th April – Learning Tasks

Good morning year 3! Miss Taylor and I hope that you had a fun Easter holiday and were able to make the most of some of the nice weather. We also hope that you and your family members are in good health.

Maths: some My Maths revision tasks

English: carefully read the information and watch the video on this web page – click here

Topic: using the information collected, answer the following question: What was pre-historic Britain like?

Also, if you have any ideas for tasks for our new topic on the stone age, you can email them to

Further information:


Before we move on to look at fractions, Miss Taylor and I have set a few ‘My Maths’ revision challenges for today and tomorrow. These tasks help you to practise skills that we have already learnt in school and also to get you back into your maths learning after the Easter holidays. Many of you will be able to complete each task independently. If you have understood the areas of your learning, you should find the tasks reasonably straight forward. If you need a reminder of what we have learnt, try some of the links below.

ordering numbers

greater than and less than

practise reading scales activity

ten more and ten less song


Our new topic is history based and it is about the time period BEFORE the Celts and Romans – Pre-historic Britain! You need to read the information on the BBC Bitesize link and watch the videos. It will give you an introduction to the time period and help ‘set the scene’.


Using the information you have gathered, you need to answer the question: What was pre-historic Britain like? Include some basic details such as when, who, what and where (5 of the 4 Ws). Set your writing out using some of the features we learnt about earlier in the year such as bold titles, sub-headings, pictures, labels and captions. Don’t forget to use a ruler for straight lines! We learnt about these ‘features’ when writing our shark fact files. This is an open ended task to help you begin to understand what Britain was like before the time period we investigated earlier in the year. Many of your future tasks will be based around this topic and help you to learn more about the time period and also develop some ‘historical investigation skills.’