Today’s Maths Challenge

The children working with me at school have suggested that it is not possible to split the square into quarters. Are they correct? How do you know this?

Post a comment below if you have an answer.

Mr Faithfull


  1. Catalina says:

    You can’t split it in 4 because you can’t split 18 into 4 equal parts

  2. Mr Faithfull says:

    Yes – If you drew your own lines you could split it up into quarters Lydia but it isn’t possible just using the triangles that are already there. Maybe you could draw your own square out of different triangles and try and quarter it. Mr Faithfull

  3. Lydia says:

    Could you divide the square into 1/4 through the middle both ways, then each 1/4 has 3 small triangles and 3 large triangle? Lydia Ruffle

  4. Mr Faithfull says:

    You are spot on Skye! Well done. Mr Faithfull

  5. From Skye says:

    No it is not possible to split the square into quarters because there are 18 triangles and you can’t split 18 into 4.

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