Tuesday 28th April – Daily Learning Tasks

Numeracy: solve the fraction based ‘maths’ challenges below.

English: a good story has a mixture of different sentence types. Write some ‘action sentences’ to explain what happened in yesterday’s comic strip

Topic: learn about Stone Age cave drawings and create your own.

More details for each task:


  1. Warm up: solve the problem in this link – click here
  2. Main Challenge: have a look at the picture below. Can you split the square into different fractions? – Remember that each section must be the same size otherwise it isn’t fair. Print out a copy of the picture or draw it accurately. Try splitting the square into: halves (1/2) and thirds (1/3) and quarters (1/4) or sixths (1/6). Fifths (1/5) won’t work – maybe you could prove it. It may help if you colour the triangles in to help you but remember if you have to split it into 4 sections for quarters, there must be exactly the same number of triangles shaded. Remember the denominator (bottom) number tells you how many sections you need to split the shape into. Further information about the puzzle can be found by clicking – here

Extension challenge: If you fancy a harder challenge, – click here . You need to scroll down around the section with the title ‘Andy’s Marbles’.


Yesterday you drew a comic strip using this clip – click here

Today, you need to describe what happened in the clip using action sentences. Action sentences have powerful verbs (example – choose dashed or sprinted rather than ran) and adverbs to describe the verbs (example quickly dashed or loudly screamed). Remember our learning on compound sentences using the FANBOYS conjunctions and complex sentences using subordinating conjunctions. Click on the links for more information. Use a mixture of simple, compound and complex sentences.


Stone Age people did not have writing so instead they used pictures. We are able to find things out about the Stone Age period because some of the pictures have been preserved and are still around today. They tell us about things that happened, objects that were used and animals that were around at the time too. Find out more by using some of the web links and attached document below. Create your own cave drawings – be as creative as you like and use any resources that you have at home. For instance, you could use chalk or actually paint onto stone from the garden. Have fun!

Cave Drawings 1 – click here

Cave Drawings 2 – click here

Cave Drawings 3 – click here